What LAWC members are saying!

“Being part of LAWC has given me so much that words cannot describe.  I am so happy to have found a great group of women, each of them offer different opinions, talents and generosity that makes our community and world a much better place.  I am so proud to call each of these women my friend.  This group has helped me find more purpose in my life and for that I am truly blessed to a part of LAWC!”~Stephanie

“Being part of LAWC gives me a sense of purpose and involvement in my local area, and I am proud to support the community through our service projects. I am able to connect with many wonderful women and have formed great friendships over the years. The generous support and care I have personally received from members at key life moments, such as the birth of my daughter, or continuing my career is priceless. Most of all, I enjoy our social events, the chance to connect for pure enjoyment and celebration of the individual qualities of each member and the great things we are able to do as a collective group.” ~Aimee

There is nothing more rewarding for me than volunteering to the charities our club has supported as well as the support in friendship and the fun events I have enjoyed from our club. ~Michelle

I really enjoy the camaraderie of membership in this interesting group of women of all ages and ethnicity. Every month, we have activities that invigorate my spirit, and I am so appreciative of the life-long friendships I have made. Participating in volunteer work in the community is more fun when it is organized and done as a local group, as the Lakes Area Women’s Club members make happen. I plan to renew my membership for sure! ~Kerri

My life is much happier after joining LAWC ~Sook

The LAWC has helped me keep my own sense of self vs an accumulation of my caregiving roles. I like the variety of what is offered. It enables the balance of a social life, community service, and personal growth. I am grateful to have this group close to home. Thank you! ~Anna


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